5 Famous Photographers that are Selling Online

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1. Daniel Kordan (Russian, 32 years old)

Daniel Kordan is a Russian photographer who is widely recognised for his distinctive landscape photography. His work won the 2013 National Geographic Russia contest and the Trierenberg Super Circuit award for Best Landscape photographer. His photographs have been published in Digital SLR Magazine, Photography week, Photography Master Class, National Geographic, Discovery, Photoworld China, and Digital Photo. Daniel’s commercial clients include Apple and RedBull.

2. Peter Lik (Australian, 62 years old)

Peter Lik is an Australian photographer best known for his large, panoramic landscape images. Lik’s works have won many awards, including the Art in Nature category of the 2010 Windland Smith Rice International Awards for Nature’s Best Photography. In 1997, Lik opened his first gallery in Cairns and has gone on to open a further four galleries in Las Vegas — as well as nine others across the US. In 2014 Lik raised eyebrows when he claimed to have sold the world’s most expensive photo to an anonymous buyer for $6.5 million.

3. Paul Nicklen (Canadian, 52 years old)

Paul Nicklen is an acclaimed Canadian photographer, filmmaker, author and marine biologist. He has received over thirty of the most notable awards given to photographers in his field. These include BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year and World Press Photo for Photojournalism. He is also recognised as a part of the International League of Conservation Photographers. In 2014, Nicklen co-founded SeaLegacy, a non-profit organisation that uses visual storytelling and photography to further the cause of ocean conservation with modern conservation photography pioneer Cristina Mittermeier.

4. Isabella Tabacchi (Italian, 29 years old)

Born in Carpi, Italy, Isabella Tabacchi’s photography stems from her need to explore and express her deep feelings through the natural landscapes she captures. In her own words, she describes her photography as, “incredibly beautiful journeys from the surface to the core of our earth.” She was awarded Photographer of the Year 2020 in the Moscow International Photo Awards 2020 (MIFA) and has also won a raft of international competitions, including the Monochrome Awards, International Photographer of the Year awards (IPOTY), and Outdoor Photographer of the Year (OPOTY).

5. Phil Thurston (Australian, currently in his 30s)

Phil Thurston’s passion for wave photography and oceanic endeavours has developed from a lifestyle of living by the coast and his immense spirit of adventure. Thurston grew up with two older brothers, who both pursued and excelled in professional wave riding careers. Phil, however, was more of an artistic individual. So at 17, he traded the board in for a camera during his first trip to Hawaii. “Waves are very beautiful and even symbolic,” says Thurston. “I’m learning to see a lot more in a photograph than elegantly organised matter. The cooperation of light and water create a subject that compels me to seek something more profound and artistically inclined than that which my eyes reveal to me.”

🎉 BONUS: Clark Little (American, 53 years old)

Award-winning photographer Clark Little was born in Napa, California, in 1968. Two years later, a move to the North Shore of Oahu (Hawaii) dramatically changed his future. In the 80s and 90s, he made his name surfing at the Waimea Bay shorebreak. But in 2007, Clark discovered his ability and passion for capturing the extraordinary beauty of the shorebreak when his wife wanted a picture of the ocean to decorate their bedroom wall. In a short time, Clark has gained worldwide recognition for his North Shore shorebreak wave photography with exhibitions in Japan, Canada, Brazil, Spain, and the US. Two award-winning images were on exhibit for six months at Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC from April – September 2011 and again in 2015. Clark’s work has also been published in National Geographic, New York Times, LIFE, Nature’s Best Photography, and Surfer’s Journal.

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