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How much for a poster?

PosterFactory is an online poster printing store with all prices displayed as soon as you nominate size, paper type and quantity. Our minimum size is A3 and all sizes should be entered in millimetres. Minimum printing order is $60.00 with free freight Australia wide with Australia Post.

How long does it take for you to print my posters?

Our in-house turnaround is 24 hours weekdays only. If you order on a weekend it will leave us on Tuesday unless your order is for laminated prints as they have a longer turn around time. Pick up is also available from our production facility in Marrickville, NSW. Standard free freight is with Australia Post. An overnight delivery is available for business delivery addresses only for $10.00.

Why do you have a minimum charge of $60 per order?

We have to stick to the minimum order as administration and wastage does not work financially for low price printing. Each individual order requires images to be rasterized, printed, trimmed to size from the roll, QC plus packaging and freight and that is why we have to keep a minimum charge. It is also reflected in our low prices.

Can PosterFactory drop ship direct to my customer or locations?

Yes we can ship direct to your customers or store locations, just supply the addresses with your order and add $10.00 per additional location for shipping Australia wide.

What are the most common mistakes people make when they order from you?

The most common mistake is that the images supplied don’t match the proportions of the size ordered. You can check proportions and resolution on our help page. The other common mistake is forgetting to submit all images in the order. You can check your cart before placing your order to make sure it is all there with all the right images submitted by clicking on the links.

Do you do same day turnaround?

On the weekday when we receive your order it will go straight into our print queue for printing. The following day the roll of prints will be trimmed to size, quality checked, packaged and labelled ready for shipment or pickup. This work flow allows us to keep the cost of your prints low by not catering for same day production as it increases wastage.

What paper type should I choose?

Unless you are a photographer or an artist our recommended stock is our Standard Satin paper. As a photographer our Gloss HD prints are exceptional. Matt prints are also available for a flat look having less contrast, as this paper cannot hold as much ink.

I have a technical question, who can I talk to?

Please have a look at our help page and if you cannot find the answers feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

Can I have borders on my posters?

PosterFactory prints from print ready artworks so if you want borders please include them within your artwork.

Are you able to make posters on waterproof material?

Our Satin Stock is suitable for short outdoor use and the ink will not run.

My photo is in low resolution can you fix it for me?

If you image does not have enough resolution printing a large poster it will print soft or pixelated. Please check our help guide to see what is too low resolution as it cannot be fixed. Have a look at our help page for further guidance.